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My partner—someone who introduced me as “the love of my life” to his loved ones—just broke up with me.

I called him this evening to apologize for a negative week. I was scared to tell him, but I did: I think I am becoming depressed.

The way I have been feeling lately has been unhappy; I don’t engage in books, art, television, or anything. I spend my free time lying in bed, and my base mood is sad. I don’t have any goals or aspirations, nothing to look forward to throughout the day.

I asked for his help and understanding in my situation. And he broke up with me. 

I finally admitted that my brain might be sick, and he broke up with me.

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doeribs: saw your post about sexual harrassment--i hope to god you told that shithead off! nothing irritates me more than "women wear jewelry to attract men" like lol no believe it or not i like how i look??? me??? damn

Unfortunately I wasn’t permitted to respond to that comment, because the other lawyer’s objection to it was granted by the judge. But it’s okay. I tried my best. The verdict was “not guilty,” but there was only so much I could do.

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Maria Mann, “I thought we had an understanding”

Maria Mann, “I thought we had an understanding”

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Titan aka the Mermaid Moon

Titan aka the Mermaid Moon

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Hair journey from 2012 until now. 

  1. First pic: regular blowout. Split ends was crazy.
  2. Second pic: I was playing in CT and didn’t have a salon so I let some white folk do my hair…..didn’t last at all.
  3. Third pic: Ethiopian blowout.
  4. Fourth pic: 3 months without combing my hair.
  5. Fifth pic: A few days after ifyoucanwhoyoucanowl loc’d my hair.
  6. Sixth pic: Currently.
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Just got out of court. I was a witness to and a victim of sexual harassment at my university.

When the perpetrator’s attorney was questioning me, he asked, “Why do you have piercings? Isn’t it to attract attention?”

Why on earth should an attorney be able to insert such a blatant presupposition? That’s not a question. That was pretending to ask a question so he could announce his unwarranted opinion to a jury that doesn’t want to hear it.

The appropriateness of his question was called out. He tried to tell the judge that it was warranted and relevant because, “The only reason women wear jewelry is to attract the attention of men.”

I don’t have piercings for men—or any kind of potential interest or partner. I look the way I do because it makes me feel good about myself. It’s a reflection of how I feel on the inside. It’s an expression of my internal aesthetic values.

I don’t appreciate being blamed for how people treat me, especially in a court of law.

No one deserves harassment, no matter what they look like.

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Just went to the district attorney’s office to get a rundown about how I’m supposed to testify in court about a sexual harassment case that’s been going on since February 2013.

I was sexually harassed at my educational institution, and the defendant is claiming his removal from the premise was a breach of his First Amendment rights.

I’m coming up on 2.5 years being employed as a journalist, and you want to tell me about some imaginary First Amendment privilege that lets you harass people while you’re on the job?

Ahahaaaa sorry brah. Try again next time.

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I’ve been in the world’s longest airport terminal — Beijing Capital Airport Terminal 3, at 1.8 miles — but Salt Lake’s airport is kicking my butt. It felt like it took way too long to get across this thing.

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Going home.

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Peach cobbler pancakes—

A la mode!

Peach cobbler pancakes—

A la mode!

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silverinkwings replied to your post:

Won’t it kill the stimulation? Bet it looks great.

Nope! The piercing passes underneath the clitoral nerve bundle, so it stimulates the nerves from behind when pressure is applied from the front. It’s not highly visible with the jewelry I have in now, but I’m excited to put something pretty in it!

snarkopticon replied to your post:

!!! I’ve always admired those. Such a hardcore piercing. Good luck with healing!

It wasn’t the most painful piercing I’ve ever had, so I wouldn’t say it’s that bad! It helped that my piercer was very helpful and got me relaxed, too.

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The last batch of Fuku Double Luck bat weights are out in the mail on the way to new homes!  Enjoy! <3 #blessingtoyou #bronze #bats #fuku #earweights #hangers #spookykid #legitbodyjewelry #plugporn #leadfree


The last batch of Fuku Double Luck bat weights are out in the mail on the way to new homes! Enjoy! <3 #blessingtoyou #bronze #bats #fuku #earweights #hangers #spookykid #legitbodyjewelry #plugporn #leadfree

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